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Ecolution with James Roberts

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

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Video Tittle: EcolutionProduction: Think OrganicGuest: James Roberts, Vice President of Sales & MarketingDuration: 00:03;08Publish Date: 11/26//06Location: Green Festival, San Francisco, CA. USA ECOLUTION® has been an eco-focused hemp products manufacturer since 1990 in Transylvania, Romania, where we have developed our factory from the ground-up. Romania is an […]

AdBusters - BLACKSPOT SHOES VIDEO- with Sheron Cohen

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Production: Think Organic
Video Tittle: AdBusters - BLACKSPOT SHOES VIDEO- with Sheron Cohen
Duration: 00:06;27
Publish Date: 11/03//06
Location: Vancouver, BC
For years the old pattern went on. People were jaded by megacorporate control of so much of their lives, but couldn’t see how they might take some power back. We decided to launch a counterattack. The result is the […]