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SOUP HOUSE, Organic Soup Company

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Production: Think OrganicTittle: SOUP HOUSE, Organic Soup Company Date: 4/02/06Project: SOUP HOUSELocation: Olympia/ Lacey, WA. USA
SOUP HOUSE, Organic Soup Company is the first Quick Service Organic Restaurant - serving slow food fast. A privately held corporation located in Olympia, Washington; the company began in 2002 serving primarily restaurants and food service operations. Following this, the […]

Fertile Ground Guesthouse

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Production: Think OrganicTittle: Fertile Ground GuesthouseDate: 3/26/06Business: Fertile Ground Guesthouse Link to websiteLocation: Olympia, WA. USA
"Welcome to our home. You are invited to visit our evolving site and experience for yourself what a sustainable urban environment might look like.Stay overnight or attend a workshop and spend a few days. Our hope is that you’ll find […]